Archived BHOP Newsletters

The Avon BHOP Newsletters

In this Issue (October 2016)

  • Data and Evaluation Update
  • Recent News
  • Community Corner
  • Grantee Spotlight
  • AVON 39
  • For Grantees Only

In this Issue (August 2016)

  • 2016 First Quarter Diagonistic Data
  • BHOP Grantees With The VP!
  • Grantee Spotlight
  • AVON 39 DC
  • AVON 39 Chicago

In this Issue (April 2016) 

  • What we were up to
  • Grantee Spotlight
  • Avon News
  • Avon Forum Updates
  • New Website Feature
  • Join Us for these upcoming Webinars
  • 2016 Site Visits
  • Committed to the Cause


In this Issue (December 2015)

  • A Message from Our Avon BHOP Team 
  • Avon BHOP Funding
  • Screening Guidelines
  • Grantee Spotlight: Asian American Health Coalition/HOPE Clinic-Houston TX
  • Presentations
  • Community Corner: Fannie Lou Hamer Cancer Foundation
  • On Demand Webinars
  • 2016 Avon Walks
  • Welcome to New BHOP Staff


In this Issue (August 2015)

  • A Message from Our Avon BHOP Team 
  • Grantee Spotlight: The Importance of Patient Navigation Persistence for YWCA of Greater Lafayette
  • Community Corner: 2016 Avon RFA
  • Community Corner:2015 Grantee Satisfaction Survey
  • Community Corner: Improving Our Data and Data Collection
  • Inspiring Initiatives: Barbells for Boobs
  • Committed to the Cause: Onsite Visits
  • Implementing the Changes: Website Changes

In this Issue (April 2015)

  • A Message From Our Avon BHOP Team
  • Grantee Spotlight: YWCA Of North Orange County Talks Data Collection And Support
  • Community Corner: Meet The New 2015 Bhop Grantees
  • Inspiring Initiatives: Patient Navigation And Education
  • Committed To The Cause: Avon39 And The Marketplace


In this Issue (December 2014)

  • A Message from Our Avon BHOP Team
  • Grantee Spotlight:  YWCA of St. Joseph's
  • Community Corner: Center for Pan Asian Community Services - The Rise of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the South
  • Inspiring Initiatives: Metaststic Breast Cancer Alliance Updates
  • Committed to the Cause: Check Yourself & Avon Walk 2015  
  • Community Corner: YWCA of Rhode Island Twitter Party
  • Community Corner: ACCESS- Breast Cancer Survivors Stress the Importance of Early Detection and Diagnosis
  • Stories of Hope - Kate Landis 


In This Issue (August 2014) 

  • A Message from our Avon BHOP Program Director
  • Research Updates and Parity Project
  • Grantee Spotlight: United Methodist Mexican American Ministries in Kansas (UMMAM) and Catherine's Health Center in Michigan share their stories
  • Community Corner: License Plate Fundraiser
  • ACA Resources 


In This Issue (April 2014)

  • A Message from our Avon BHOP Program Director
  • Highlights from the 2014 Avon Forum
  • Welcome New Staff Member: Melanie Steilen
  • CIF Changes: The What, The Why and The How
  • Grantee Spotlight: Catherine's Health Care and West Virginia Health Right Share Their Stories
  • Community Corner: 2014 Walk Seaon Begins


In This Issue (November 2013)

  • A Message from our Avon BHOP Program Director
  • Community Corner: The 2013 Avon Walk
  • Grantee Spotlight: La Clinica de Familia, ACCESS Community Health, and Esperanza Health Centers Share Their Stories
  • Inspiring Initiatives: Avon's New and Innovative Partnership
  • Committed to the Cause: Avon Foundation Joins Forces With Advocacy Groups to Launch New Alliance
  • A Grantee's Perspective: Impressions of the NYC Avon Walk
  • An Event With (MIA) Mammograms in Action and YWCA of Malden


In This Issue (January 2013)

  • A Message from our Avon BHOP Program Director
  • Community Corner: MS Proclaims October 19th as National Mammography Day! 
  • Grantee Spotlight: Latino Community Development Agency Honored in DC 
  • Inspiring Initiatives: Avon Research Team Presents New Findings at Breast Cancer Symposium
  • Committed to the Cause: Supporting Pink With A Purpose in Baton Rouge


In This Issue (October 2012)

  • 2013 Funding Update 
  • Community Corner: A Mother-Daughter Breast Cancer Botique
  • Grantee Spotlight: Volunteer Victories in Virginia and Colorado
  • Insipring Initiatives: Partnership Supporting Survivors Thrives
  • Committed to the Cause: An Advocate Shares Her Story
  • Announcements and Accolades


In This Issue (July 2012)

  • 2013 Funding Update 
  • 2012 Avon Walk Highlights
  • Avon Research News
  • The Glass Ribbon Project
  • Successful Strategies: The Use of Incentives
  • The Avon BHOP Resource Library- Coming Soon!

  In This Issue (April 2012)

  • New Grantee Highlights from the Avon Forum
  • 2012 Avon BHOP Grantee Overview
  • Avon Foundation for Women Research News
  • BHOP on the Move 


 In This Issue (January 2012)

  • Avon Foundation for Women: Funding Access to Care and Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer
  • Access to Care Advisory Committee
  • BHOP Presents at Recent Symposium
  • Grantee Spotlights: Grantees in the News!