2016 First Quarter Diagonistic Data

Purpose of the New Diagnostic Report

In 2016, we started requiring grantees to report diagnostic data for all Avon BHOP clients diagnosed with breast cancer. The purpose of this data is to learn more about the clients who are being diagnosed with breast cancer by your programs. It is important to us to understand the demographics of the clients you serve and what impact your programs have on their lives. Some key questions we will be looking at with this diagnostic data include: Does the age of clients who access Avon BHOP programs differ from the national averages? Are there younger/older clients being diagnosed with breast cancer and whose age falls outside of the screening guidelines categories? Are there any racial/ethnic disparities among who is being diagnosed with breast cancer, and does it differ by age and insurance type? Are Avon BHOP clients being diagnosed at earlier or later stages compared to national averages? The answers to these questions show the diverse communities you are working in and may also illuminate trends that are occurring within particular communities that may not be seen nationally, as well as demonstrates the impact your work. We plan to use this data to present abstracts at national conferences and to publish manuscripts to help inform the field of breast cancer research. 

Quarter 1 Breast Cancer Stage of Diagnosis Data 

Avon BHOP grantees reported a total of 81 breast cancer cases in the first quarter of 2016. Twenty-three grantees reported 0 cases of breast cancer, whereas 33 grantees reported an average of 2 breast cancer cases during the quarter. The highest number of breast cancer cases reported by a single grantee was 10. Nearly three-quarters of the breast cancer cases were reported as Stages 0-II, with a quarter reported as stages III and IV. The majority (35%) of the cases were reported as stage II. See the diagram below for the percentage of breast cancer cases reported by stage of diagnosis.

Stages of breast cancer BHOPClients

The stages of breast cancer diagnosis for Avon BHOP clients