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Sisters - Example, Support & Education - AK, AZ and LA

Sisters can be so important in our lives; they can be our childhood best friends or our greatest tormentors. They share our life experiences and in that they teach us so much, sometimes through example, through their own struggle or as our support. Below you will find stories from your fellow grantees about what they’re clients learn and share through the bond and support of sisterhood.

Southcentral Foundation – Alaska
During the ANPCC Breastfeeding Lobby event, a customer-owner stopped by to talk with SCF Health Educators, and tells us she is a firm believer that screening saves lives. She credits the lobby activities for saving her two sisters lives. They were screened after talking with health educators at a past breast and cervical cancer lobby event, once screened, cancer was found and both customer-owner’s sisters had double mastectomies. The cancer was caught early; she couldn’t stress the importance of being screened.

Tucson Medical Center – Arizona
In the last quarter a 43 year old patient presented for her first mammogram. She has 2 sisters diagnosed with breast cancer, one at age 30 and a second at age 40. The 30 year old sister has a known BRCA mutation. The 40 year old sister did not have genetic testing. There are a total of 7 sisters. She reported that she and her younger sister, who is 35, do not have insurance and have not had breast health screenings. Her younger sister was contacted and worked in for her baseline mammogram. The program's nurse practitioner is researching options for free or low cost genetic counseling and or testing. The patients were very grateful for the screenings, education and guidance their connection to the program has provided.

Martin Luther King Heath Center – Louisiana
Recently we had a woman at our clinic who felt a lump in her breast during a self-breast exam. She had been putting off getting medical attention due to financial restraints (she was recently unemployed and underinsured). Her sister saw an advertisement about our free services, called and made an appointment for her. At the urging of her sister and the reinforcement of the importance of getting this checked out by our staff, the client came to our clinic. She had a clinical breast exam and ultrasound by our volunteer breast specialist Dr. Broadwell. Dr. Broadwell brings her portable ultrasound with her to our monthly women's health screening clinics for situations just like this one. After examining the patient, Dr. Broadwell knew it needed further testing and sent her directly over to her private office to start the necessary paperwork that would be needed for the patient to continue her treatment and care with Dr. Broadwell. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery. Both the client and her sister are very thankful they had seen our advertisement on television and that we were able to get her in for an appointment so quickly.

A Grantee's Perspective

Chenango Health Network has received grant funding from the NYS Avon Breast Health Outreach Program for many years. AVON BHOP support has enabled our agency to conduct our Every Woman Counts in Chenango County Campaign, which motivates, encourages and supports hundreds of women who live in this rural upstate county to be screened for breast cancer and receive necessary treatment and support. Read More