Grantee Spotlight

Join us in welcoming our newest grantees.

Breast Care for Washington - Washington, DC

breastcare washingtonBreast Care for Washington opened its doors in May 2014 and began providing the women of the greater Washington DC area with the latest 3D technology breast imaging services including screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies. Since that time over 1,500 women have been screened with 15 cancer diagnoses discovered as a result of these screenings, a rate that is over three times the national average.

Co-Founders Dr. Regina Hampton, the only dedicated female breast surgeon in Prince Georges County and Beth Beck, a career public health professional and leading breast health advocate, are passionate in their mission to reduce breast cancer mortality by promoting access to breast cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment to all women regardless of their ability to pay. Their philosophy has been to eliminate barriers that prevent women from getting screened, which drove their decision to locate Breast Care for Washington on the east side of the Anacostia River, where breast cancer rates in the District are at their highest and resources are limited. 90% of Breast Care for Washington’s patients come from the District’s Wards 7 and 8 and 30% have no insurance. Breast Care for Washington provides patient navigation so women can get the screening they need and the care coordination for any follow up treatment necessary.

Breast Care for Washington is thrilled to be a 2016 Avon Breast Health Outreach Program grantee for the first time. “Financial support from the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade is giving us the ability to provide breast health education and awareness in a marginalized community in a robust and effective manner,” said President and CEO Beth Beck. “With Avon’s help we are able to engage and navigate medically underserved women into much needed mammography screening and breast health care.”

Korean Community Services - Flushing, NY

korean community services flushingTracey K. Denholm is the Women’s Health Coordinator at Korean Community Services Public Health and Research Center. KCS’ objectives are to develop and deliver a broad range of community services to meet the various needs of the Korean Immigrant and Korean American community.

Tracey began working for Korean Community Services Public Health and Research Center during spring of 2013 after seeing her grandmother’s health deteriorate rapidly. Tracey noticed her grandmother’s biggest obstacles in obtaining health care services were linguistic barriers with little or no access to culturally appropriate services.
Tracey is passionate and enthusiastic about her work in the Korean community and prides herself on being a Korean American that is able to navigate medical services to Korean immigrants. Tracey is responsible for coordinating breast cancer screening events, patient navigation, and education and outreach.

“Receiving the Avon Funding could not have come at a better time for us, although Obamacare has increased the number of patients we see coming for screening who possess insurance, these patients still are unsure of how to navigate their health insurance. KCS is the perfect bridge to alleviate this service gap and make sure that no woman is lost to follow-up, which we all know is so important. Our patients come from many walks of life and we ensure that no matter what, each person is given the care they deserve,” said Tracey regarding the Avon funding KCS recently was awarded.
Since her background is in Education, teaching and guiding individuals comes naturally to her. She is inspired by hard working individuals who constantly strive to gain knowledge and by immigrants who put forth so much effort to acclimate to a new culture and home.

Foundation for Annie Jeffrey - Osceola, NE

Foundation for annie osceolaAnnie Jeffrey Health Center provides health care services to a rural and frontier geography that includes Polk County and the surrounding areas in Nebraska and about 6000 people. Annie Jeffrey Health Center strives to provide access to the best quality of care, regardless of the geographic barriers. In rural America, especially the frontier regions like Polk County, the shortage of healthcare professionals tends to be more pronounced. Polk County, Nebraska is considered to be Medically Underserved according to the Health and Human Resource Service Administration, meaning this area cannot support sufficient healthcare services.

Our community has many patients who have limited physical abilities and chronic health problems who would have a hard time traveling out of town for their medical needs, thus the need for hometown health care.

At Annie Jeffrey Health Center, we strive and are committed to providing the highest quality health care in a multitude of settings. We focus on staying current with the constant achievements and evolving technologies in the services we provide. Annie Jeffrey Health Center works collaboratively with its community, patient population and other providers to achieve excellence in health care, respect for life, and respect for each other. Our Critical Access Hospital is located in Osceola, Nebraska. Annie Jeffrey Health Center hospital has the Annie Jeffrey Family Medicine medical clinic attached to it and has a satellite clinic, Prairie Creek Family Medicine, located in Stromsburg, NE. We have state of the art equipment operated by trained professionals. We take our responsibilities and obligations seriously and strive to serve our area with compassion and respect in a warm, welcoming facility with knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Annie Jeffrey Health Center started a new mammography screening program after installing a new state-of-the-art digital mammography machine several years ago. Before that, we had to rely on a mobile service for mammograms in our community. Now we actively promote mammograms for all women in our community. Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Friends Program helps educate and promote mammography. The health of our community depends on them understanding basic health information in order to make healthy lifestyle choices. Newsletters, news articles, a Lady’s Night Out educational event, and word of mouth about the prevention of breast cancer educate the community and remind them to schedule annual appointments for mammograms. We also offer drawings for special iPads to all who get mammograms. We know breast cancer is curable if caught early.

“We are proud that the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade shares our mission and has chosen to support our program. With these funds we will be able to educate our community and help eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease in our county by providing education, screening and treatment options,” said Joe Lohrman, Annie Jeffrey Health Center, CEO.

"The funding from this Avon grant will have a huge impact on our community. We know that by providing educational talks with breast cancer survivors who will talk about the importance of breast exams plus other individual and group education programs, we will increase mammograms, lives will be saved and the quality of life for our community members will improve", said Joe Lohrman.