Grantee Spotlight : Asian American Health Coalition/HOPE Clinic - Houston TX

Asian American Health Coalition/HOPE Clinic Houston, TX
Yen, one of our Vietnamese speaking breast cancer outreach staff located at the HOPE Clinic in Houston, TX took a call in May 2015 from a man asking for information about breast cancer screening for a family member. Yen subsequently found out the caller had an aunt in McAllen, Texas (about 350 miles from Houston) who was experiencing breast pain but was unable to afford the required cash deposit of $500 to see the hospital doctor.

Yen obtained contact information and called his aunt, Mrs. K, directly to see how we could help her. Yen learned Mrs. K had been experiencing breast pain and also felt a hard lump when she examined her breast. Mrs. K had been very anxious because her daughter passed away recently due to cervical cancer and both of her parents died of cancer. Mrs. K explained that she had to quit her nail salon job in order to help take care of her daughter and had no income. Complicating things, she did not speak English well and the hospital in McAllen had no Vietnamese interpreter.

Yen provided information to Mrs. K and explained the Phoenix Project, a program for mammogram screening which offers sponsorship. Yen was very surprised when Mrs. K showed up at HOPE Clinic the next day with her nephew who had traveled from Houston to McAllen (12 hours round trip) to see our doctor. Mrs. K's nephew reported he had seen HOPE Clinic staff on a Vietnamese TV station and learned about the services including mammogram screening that the clinic makes available to the underinsured and uninsured population. The Clinic was able to accept Mrs. K as a walk-in patient and able to refer her for diagnostic breast screening.

Mrs. K thanked our staff profusely for the services she received. She had a diagnostic mammogram screening in July and we continue to follow up and offer navigation to her as needed.