Avon BHOP Website Changes in 2015

In response to your suggestions we have made some changes to our website to make accessing information easier, clearer and timelier. These changes include:

Webinars –
• Adding a description of the topic and learning objectives with every registration link. This will give attendees a clearer picture of the upcoming presentation. We encourage you to sample topics because they may surprise you
• Posting the most recent webinar and any materials within a week of the presentation
• Sending a reminder to all BHOP grantees when the most recent webinar has been posted to our website
• Moving archived and recent webinars to the resource tab on the website so that ANYONE has access to view the webinars without the need for a login
• Adding more information about rural outreach and limited English or literacy education as webinar topics in 2016

Data reporting -
• Posting an example of a correctly-completed Quarterly Data Report Form report on our website
• Adding a Virtual Discussion option
• Establishing a resource exchange site which would allow grantees to post and share information for other BHOP grantees