The 2015 Avon BHOP Grantee Satisfaction Survey

The 2015 Avon BHOP Grantee Satisfaction Survey

Avon BHOP conducted a satisfaction survey with 2015 grantees (52) and received a 94% return rate. Overall, when asked about the usefulness, relevancy, understandability and ease of the Program Implementation Guide (PIG), the BHOP website, webinars, communication with the BHOP Coordinating Center and TA, grantees rated these items as very useful/useful/relevant. In addition, the ease of use of the website was rated most often as very easy.
When asked about reporting aspects:
• Most grantees reported using both paper and Ipads (43%) to collect CIFs
• Most rated CIF collection as easy 59% (34) or very easy 19% (11)
• 17% (10) found CIF collection difficult.
Of those using the Ipad:
• 46% reported that it improves their process
• 26% indicated no change
• 13% reported no improvement
When asking about the data reporting requirements:
• Most indicated they were clear (53%) or very clear (35%)
• The ease of data collection as easy (62%) or very easy (14%)
• Some (16%) reported it as difficult.
We also asked about the RFA process, its clarity, completion time, speed of decisions and suggestions to improve the process.
• The majority of grantees reported the RFA as clear 49% (33) or very clear 46% (31)
• Most take about two weeks to one month to complete the RFA 48% (28)
• The timeliness of decisions was rated as good (57%) or very good (36%)
• Most had no suggestions for improvement or found the process fine as is.

Finally, the survey asked about obtaining Technical Assistance (TA), its usefulness and suggestions for improvement.
• 33% reported receiving TA and rated it as very useful (75%) or useful (25%)
• When asked about suggestions for improvement, 90% had none or found the TA helpful and useful as is.
• The most common topics addressed by TA were:
o Reporting 35% (8)
o Ipad submission 26% (6)

Specific Topic Areas:

Avon BHOP Program Implementation Guide (PIG)

Overall, BHOP Grantees access the PIG two-to-three times per year and find the PIG to be succinct, relevant and user friendly. When asked about additional information that should be included in the PIG, 78% (45) had no response/reported none or indicated no changes are needed.
• In response to comments regarding data elements, we have posted a correctly completed Data Sheet on our website under the Grantees Only Tab for you to consult.
• In response to a request for more information on the other BHOP grantees, we would like to remind grantees that the link to that information is provided in the PIG and the information is located on the BHOP website. We will also be requesting more specific information for the website postings in the 2016 Organizational Profiles.
• We will investigate possible webinars on effective practices to collect CIFs from multiple sites.

Avon BHOP Website

Overall, BHOP Grantees access the website on a monthly basis and find the Avon BHOP website to be relevant and user friendly.
• Most grantees 50% (29) report referring to the website on a monthly basis
• 33% (19) report referring to the website 2-3x per year
• 7% refer to the website weekly
• 3% never refer to website
• 2% refer to the website daily.

When accessing the website:
• 23% use it to access reporting forms
• 17% get webinar information
• 10% refer to the website for learning about updates
• 7% use the website to get CIF related information
• 6% use it for RFA/Grant information
• 5% use it to read the monthly Grantee Spotlight
• 4% use it to find other grantee information
• 3% use it to read the newsletter
• 2% use it the access the Marketplace.

When asked about the ease of navigation of the website:
• 52% found it to be very easy
• 33% found it to be easy
• 8% found it not easy
• 2% reported not using the website.

Regarding the usefulness of the website:
• 50% reported it was useful
• 40% reported it as very useful,
• 5% report not using it
• 2% reported it was not useful.

Finally when asked about any additional information that should be added to the website:
• Most (67%) said they had no suggestions for additional information or had no response
• Suggestions for additional information included:
• Easier and quicker access to webinars – we post webinars within a week and as soon as we have speaker permission. All Webinars are posted under the Resources Tab of the website ( option=com_content&view=article&id=240&Itemid=544). We will also send out an email notice and link when the webinars are posted and available and begin featuring past webinars on our home page.
• Patient education handouts and other similar resources – We are exploring the addition of a Resource Exchange page where Grantees can post resources and/or links to resources that they find useful. We may also add a feature for virtual discussions so that Grantees can post questions to their colleagues.
• Information on how to support the Avon Walks - This information is available in the PIG and a link has been added to the website under About BHOP.
• Examples of completed Data Reports - We have posted some examples of completed reports on the Grantees Only Page of the website.


Overall, BHOP Grantees report participating monthly on the webinars and find the webinars to be interesting and relevant.
• Most grantees reported participating on webinars on a monthly basis 45% (26)
• 33% (19) report participating 8-11xs per year
• 11% (6) 4-7x per year
• 10% (5) 1-3x per year

When asked about usefulness of the webinars:
• 51% report they are useful,
• 37% rate the webinars as very useful
• 5% report they do not participate on the webinars
• 2% do not find the webinars useful.

Finally, when asked about ways to improve the webinars, 74% had no response or indicated no improvement was needed and/or the webinars have improved this year.

In response to the comments we received about webinars:
• We are sending out a description of the webinar in advance and it is included with the link to register.
• We will vary the days of the weeks and the times (from noon to 3:00pm) of our webinars. Because we have grantees across four time zones, it is not feasible to have early morning or late afternoon webinars.
• We will try to add at least one webinar in Spanish next year.
• We are making our webinars more interactive. We are reluctant to require too much from the audience, but we have implemented more polls and surveys and allow attendees to post questions.
• We are looking for a presenter for a webinar on low literacy populations and hope to offer this webinar. We always welcome recommendations for webinar topics.

CIF Collection and Reporting

Most grantees rated the ease of CIF collection as:
• Easy 59% (34) or Very Easy 19% (11)
• 17% (10) rated it as difficult
• 43% of BHOP Grantees use both paper and iPad for CIF collection
• 28% use paper only
• 17% use the iPad only
• 7% report using electronic submission.

IPads Users
About two-thirds of the iPad users find it useful:
• 46% of grantees reported using the iPad has improved their process
• 26% indicated no impact
• 13% reported no improvement

Several iPad users were dissatisfied with their inability to access the data in the iPad prior to and after uploading the data. We discussed this with the iSurvey staff and came up with a possible solution. It is possible to have the individual surveys sent to you when you are sending them to CAI. We are currently piloting this with three agencies in Q3 to test out this method.

Many of the iPad users collect the paper CIF then enter the data into the iPad. While this was not the intended process, if it works well for you then please continue.

Some found it difficult to use in busy clinics, on mobile vans and/or in large groups and/or with low literacy populations. To address this, we are considering a webinar on best practices for iPad use, and ask some of the BHOP grantees who are using the iPad successfully to be presenters. If you would like to participate, please let us know.

A few iPad users asked if they could also use the iPad for educational presentations and we are are open to testing this. In order for you to have access to other applications on your iPad, you will need to send it back to us. Please let us know before sending it.

We are looking for ways to make the iPad easier to use for data collection – we are looking at what can be done without breaching the security of the data or opening up the iPad up to misuse. We welcome your suggestions as always.

Data Reporting

When asked about the ease of data collection for the Quarterly Data Reports:
• Most (62%) reported it as easy
• 16% reported it as difficult

When asked for suggestions the grantees noted:
• Most of the grantees 53% (31) reported that BHOP data reporting requirements were clear or very clear 35% (20)
• 5% (3) reported confusion
A suggestion was made to have at least six month notice before we require all electronic CIF reporting. At this point in time, we do not foresee requiring everyone to submit their CIF data electronically. For many Grantees, paper form is preferable and we do not want to create additional work for anyone.
• A few people noted that the new Patient Navigation data elements are difficult to track and report. We understand the difficulty some of you are facing in collecting this data and at this time, the data is not required, only optional. We will be assessing whether the data we are collecting is the most appropriate data and adequately reflects the range of services being provided by BHOP Grantees and also review the time required on follow-up for abnormal results. Other suggestions are welcomed!
• A suggestion was made to require reporting of mammograms by BI-RADS. We will investigate whether this would be better.
• We may begin piloting web-based data entry in 2016.
• The Progress Narrative Report in a Word Doc is currently available on the website but should be used only for preparing your report. Do not submit the form; rather enter the data into Formstack.
• We do not have any plans to shorten the CIF at this time. We had eliminated questions that we no longer found relevant, but we want to keep the majority of questions consistent so that we can track data over time.
• We apologize for any confusion on the new Patient Navigation data elements. We welcome any suggestions you may have as to the best data elements to collect that will adequately demonstrate the range of patient navigation services being provided.

We realize there have been many changes and we are trying to clarify as much as possible. Please remember you can always contact your Project Officer if you have questions or need assistance.

Technical Assistance

Of those that received TA:
• 75% rated it as very useful/very helpful
• 25% as useful/helpful
• The majority of grantees 43% (25) report not receiving Technical Assistance
• 33% (19) indicated they had received TA
• 19% (11) did not know if they had received TA

The most common Technical assistance topics were:
• Reporting/reports (35%)
• iPad submission (26%)
• 9% CIFs/Electronic submission
• 8% Resources/Materials
• 4% Press Releases
• 4% RFA information

General Comments

The majority of respondents stated they were very satisfied with the support provided by the Avon BHOP Coordinating Center and the operation of the project. Many thanks for your great comments and suggestions. We will continue to support to you to the best of our ability.