Grantee Spotlight: YWCA of North Orange County talks Data Collection and Support

YWCA of North Orange County talks philanthropy through effective data collection and support -
This report provided an overview of the importance and uses of data collection and whether non profit agencies are supported adequately by Foundation. The report assessed the effectiveness of the support of foundations when funding non profits to gather and effectively utilize data and also looked at out the non profit agencies allocate resources and use the information to inform, educate and direct their services. The Center for Effective Philanthropy's selected several agencies to interview about "Assessing to Achieve High Performance: What Nonprofits are Doing and How Foundations Can Help." One of those selected was one of our grantees The YWCA of North Orange County and addressed the support and collaboration between funders and their grantees in determining what is collected and how the information is then used. To read the report click here.