Inspiring Initiatives: Patient Navigation & Education

PATIENT NAVIGATION – In January 2015, Mandi Chapman-Pratt from George Washington Cancer Institute presented a wonderful webinar on the Core Competencies of Patient Navigation to the Avon Foundation community. Mandi noted that George Washington Cancer Institute provides online training via its Online Academy. Currently, there is a course available (the Executive Training on Navigation and Survivorship) that is about building a patient navigation program. A new program entitled Oncology Patient Navigator Training, available at the end of May, will reinforce core competencies established for the profession.

PATIENT EDUCATION - They have an App for that! A unique iPhone app recently introduced is the basis for a research study that will allow participants and researchers to create better, more effective strategies to enhance breast cancer patients' quality of life. This new app can help women track the physical, mental, and emotional after-effects of breast cancer treatment. For more details click here.