2015 Webinars

Please take a moment to review Avon BHOP's mothly webinars which are designed to provide updated information on actionable research and breast cancer information to support program development. Archived webinars by year can be found to the left of your screen.

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Grantee Orientation and Review of the Program Implementation Guide's Data Section (January 13, 2015)

Presenters: Avon BHOP Project Staff

Summary: Orientation webinars are conducted annually at the start of the project year, and focus on reviewing the Program Implementation Guide with all Avon BHOP grantees. This year, the Avon BHOP team focused soley on the Data Section of the guide.

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Core Competencies for Patient Navigators (January 29, 2015)

Presenter: Mandi Pratt-Chapman, MA Director, GW Cancer Institute

Summary: A review of best practices and core competencies for Patient Navigators with examples and resources.

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Males and Breast Cancer (March 12, 2015)

Presenter: Kathryn J. Ruddy, Mayo Clinc

Summary: An overview of males and breast cancer; The statistics and its impact

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Metastatic Breast Cancer; Quality of Life and Issues faced by people living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (March 26, 2015) 

Presenters: Katherine Crawford Gray, MBC Alliance and Dr. Marc Hurlbert Avon Foundation for Women Breast Cancer Crusade.

Summary: An overiew of the differing needs for those diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer and supportive ideas for those impacted.

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Resources noted:

Clinicaltrials. gov 




Avon39 The Avon Walk (April 2, 2015)

Presenter : Braxton Midyette , Senior Recruitment Coordinator and Manager for Avon 39 

Summary: An overiview of the Avon Walk - Avon 39 why support is needed and how to provide support.

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Ipad 101: CIF Submissions and Best Practices (April 16, 2015)

Presenters: Kelly Opdyke, MPH and Marvin Aliaga

Summary: An Overview of the use of Ipads to collect and upload CIF data.

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Grief and Boundaries - Healthy Versus Unhealthy (April 30, 2015)

Presenter: Melanie Steilen, RN, BSN, ACRN

Summary: An overview of appropriate boundaries, signs of when they may be crossed and how to address grief and its stages.

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Click here for some helpful comments for those impacted by grief.


Exercise and Other Behaviors that Impact Breast Cancer (May 14, 2015)

Presenter: Melinda Irwin, PhD, MPH - Dept of Chronic Disease Epidemiology- Yale School of Public Health

Summary: An overview of the importance and impact of attaining and maintaing a healthy weight, diet and lifestyle on diagnosis, morbidity and mortality of breast cancer.

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MIYO: Make It Your Own: New Tools for Promoting Breast Cancer Screening (June 11, 2015)

Presenters: Matthew Kreuter, PhD and Nikki Spencer Project Manager at Washington University HCRL Brown School - St. Louis, MO

Summary: The Presenters provided an overview of their program which assists in the development and creation of materials to provide outreach and promotion to their service populations.

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Click here for the article on Long Tail and Public Health and New way of looking at Disparities.

Click here for the article on HPV Vaccination.

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Communicating Breast Cancer Risk Reduction Strategies (June 25, 2015) 

Presenter: Dr. Marisa C. Weiss Breastcancer.org

Summary:This webinar provided an overview of the behavioral changes that influence breast cancer risk, the methods to present risk information to clients, and how to access additional resources to identify and reduce behavioral risk.

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The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Mammography Disparities (July 23, 2015)

Presenter: Dr. Lindsay Sabik, PhD Viriginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Summary: This webinar looked at the impact that Medicaid expansion following implementation of the ACA has had on disparities for mammography.

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Improving Deaf Women's Access to Breast Cancer Information and Care (August 27, 2015)

Presenter: Dr. Georgia R. Sadler, BSN, MBA UC San Diego School of Medicine and UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Summary: The webinar provided information on the barriers and challenges those that are deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired face when accessing and understanding breast health care and what can be done to mitigate some of those challenges.

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Challenges for Un and Underinsured Breast Cancer Patients in a Safety Net Hospital ( September 17, 2015)

Presenter: Dr. Curtis J. Wray - Surgical oncologist and an Associate of Surgery at UTHealth Department of Surgery

Summary: This webinar will provide an overview of the issues and challenges when working with underinsured and uninsured women that may be undocumented.

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Using the Avon BHOP Ipad's New Feature for CIFs: Reviewing and Emailing Your Results Prior Data Submission (September 22, 2015)

Presenter: Marvin Aliaga, MA Research Assistant - CAI

Summary: The purpose of the webinar is to explain the new feature of the next ISurvey CIF, which will allow grantees to review and email their survey results prior to you uploading them.

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Tales from the Walk - Avon BHOP Grantees (October 8, 2015)

Presenters: Amy Hsieh and Rebecca Kleinsmith - Samaritan House, CA, Cathy Phan - Asian Amercian Health Coalition/HOPE Clinic, TX, Rosemaria Gomez Amaro - YWCA of North Orange County, CA and Lisa Piscatelli and Joyce Dolbec - YWCA of Rhode Island

Summary: The purpose of the webinar is to highlight to various ways that agencies support the Avon Walks.

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Here are two videos to accompany the presentation from YWCA of North Orange County 

Video 1

Video 2 


Breast Health Awareness Events - Avon BHOP Grantees (October 22, 2015) 

Presenters: Sharon Byrne - Cooper Health, NJ, Claudia Campos - Nueva Vida, VA, Hiam Hamade - ACCESS, MI and Kimberly Marcucci - Southcentral, AK

Summary: Avon BHOP grantees highlight their events for Breast cancer awareness month, best practices as well as successes.

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NBCC Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 and The Artemis Project (November 12, 2015)

Presenter: Judy Keen, PhD. Director of Research Collaboration

Summary: An overview of the deadline campaign and the legislative action by the National Breast Cancer Coalition as well as information on training opportunities and research efforts to develop a preventative vaccine and prevent metastasis.

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Click here to be linked to NBCC's website.

Click here to be linked to a summary on The Artemis Project.

Click here to be linked to more information on NBCC's Center for Advocacy Training

Click here to be linked to more information on NBCC's Summit.


San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium – What do we do with CIF data? (December 17, 2015)

Presenters: Lindsay Senter, MPH Director, Research & Evaluation CAI and Marvin Aliaga, MA Research Assistant CAI

Summary: Presenters shared information the about accepted abstract on "The Effect of Hispanic Nativity and Ethnicity on Mammography Use through the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program," which looked at the varying demographic characteristics of Hispanic women in the U.S. who access and utilize Avon BHOP, to better understand the predictors of mammography utilization in this population.

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