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Grantee Spotlight: YWCA of San Antonio Plays Breast Bingo

YWCA ENCOREplus staff gets inspired and motivated each time they present in the community on breast health awareness. And each time a presentation is conducted they continue to realize that teaching methods are very important especially as an adult. Staff initially started playing Breast Bingos at the Bexar County Women's Detention Center with the incarcerated women back in 2009. When we had a change of staff, the program was reevaluated and staff decided to incorporate Breast Bingos in the community. The focus of the Breast Bingos is for women to have an opportunity to sign up for a screening mammogram at no cost but to also provide them with breast health awareness information such as the Why's, Who's and Where's of breast cancer. Women are provided with a light lunch, an exercise activity and they also get to play Breast Bingo. While playing Breast Bingo they get to learn about the symptoms, risk factors and breast terminology. Breast Bingos are scheduled on the first Thursday of each month from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

Many of the women being serviced do not have a medical home at the time they call for their screening mammogram appointment. ENCOREplus has partnered with Physician Assistant (P.A.) Roland Mena. P.A. Mena will provide a mini physical for $20 that includes a clinical breast exam, screening for thyroid, heart disease, and an abdominal check for any swollenness or hernias once a month. These services are a new addition to monthly the Breast Bingos.

A Grantee's Perspective

Chenango Health Network has received grant funding from the NYS Avon Breast Health Outreach Program for many years. AVON BHOP support has enabled our agency to conduct our Every Woman Counts in Chenango County Campaign, which motivates, encourages and supports hundreds of women who live in this rural upstate county to be screened for breast cancer and receive necessary treatment and support. Read More