YWCA of Rhode Island Twitter Party

YWCARI JoyceDolbec

ENCOREplus program manager Joyce Dolbec welcomes participants to the pink candle ceremony. This photo was shared on Twitter with online participants during the Twitter Party.

YWCA Rhode Island Hosts Twitter Party During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, YWCA Rhode Island ENCOREplus Program partnered with a local surgeon who treats breast cancer patients to host a Twitter Party. A Twitter Party is a fast and interactive virtual event, using the Twitter platform. A Twitter Party is a way for people to connect and discuss a topic of choice on a specific date at a specific time. This Twitter Party focused on breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Most Twitter parties have an expert panelist and party "host" to keep the party on topic. YWCA Rhode Island served as the host of the Twitter Party and the expert panelist was Dr. Allison McAteer, a graduate of Tufts Medical School who completed her residency in General Surgery at Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital. She is experienced in caring for breast cancer patients.

In addition to participation on Twitter, community members were invited to attend in person at YWCA's Northern Rhode Island Campus. Virtual participants joined the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #YWPinkTea and were given the opportunity to chat in with the breast cancer expert and ask real-time questions.

The Twitter Party started with a pink candle ceremony to remember those lost to breast cancer and celebrate those who have survived. Participants in the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer and local sales people were also recognized for their support of the AVON Foundation. As the in-person ceremony took place, photos, quotes and details were posted to YWCA's Twitter page from the host and other individuals in the room. Participants who joined online were able to interface by sending tweets and retweeting, replying, and favoriting tweets related to the party.

YWCARI Allison McAteer

General surgeon Dr. Allison McAteer. Courtesy Dr. McAteer.

After the pink candle ceremony, Dr. McAteer gave a short talk about breast cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. She spoke about her experience caring for individuals at all stages of treatment. She also touched on the experience of the patient and how family and friends can support an individual during and after treatment. She accepted questions from individuals in the room and those participating virtually using Twitter.

The Twitter Party messages reached 2,654 Twitter accounts and made 51,767 impressions on Twitter. To view tweets from the Twitter Party follow YWCA Rhode Island on Twitter (@ywca_RI) or search the hashtag #YWPinkTea.

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