Grantee Spotlight: YWCA of St. Joseph

We met Jacinta at the Mexican Fiesta where we had an educational booth to distribute information about our program and about our upcoming Mammothon. About one month later, we received a call from Jacinta's son stating that his mom wanted to make an appointment for a mammogram because she found a lump on her left breast. Fortunately, the Mammothon was underway and Jacinta, at age 51, was able to have her first mammogram.. Although she was happy to have the screening Jacinta was worried about the financial and legal repercussions associated with her appointment – she knew she was uninsured and do not have documentation to apply for other assistance.

Kendal Evans, our educator/navigator, explained the program and reassured Jacinta that she would be there to support her through the entire process and helped Jacinta make her appointments. Since Jacinta was uninsured, she had to follow up with the Social Welfare Board (one of our providers). After undergoing an ultrasound and biopsy, Jacinta learned that she indeed had breast cancer. She is the first Latina patient to be diagnosed with breast cancer within our program. It was shocking news for Jacinta and for us. Through the "Show Me Healthy Women" program she only qualified for 30 days of temporary Medicaid coverage, but thanks to the partnership we have with the hospital, it has agreed to assist with bills for her additional treatment. After surgery, Jacinta will learn the type, stage and proposed treatment for her cancer.