Grantee Spotlight: Catherine's Health Center and West Virginia Health Right Share Their Stories

There were several moving stories provided by our grantees in their 4th Quarter report. All mentioned the importance of annual care, but they also mentioned the importance of having supportive staff/navigators and strong community relationships so that you leverage additional resources. Here are some examples from Catherine's Health Care in Michigan and West Virginia Health Right.

Catherine's Health Care shows the importance of Community Relationships
Tammy (not her real name) is 40. She works full time in a salon where she makes ~$1,200 per month. She has no
health insurance and her yearly income of $14,400 makes her not eligible for Medicaid, yet does not provide enough
for her to be able to purchase her own coverage. She came to us in early September with a breast lump she had
detected several weeks earlier. Her age and income would qualify her for the BCCCP program in our community.
Unfortunately our caseload for that program was exhausted about a week before Tammy came to us and there would
be no more caseload until October. Because of the close relationships we have and the way we work together with
other organizations in our community, one of our navigators was able to get Tammy into a partner organization who
still had a few remaining slots. Her mammogram came back ACR 0, needing further diagnostic imaging. We were
able to get her a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound which identified a simple cyst. Short term CBE Follow up
exams show that it is resolving. She is now scheduled for 6 month follow up imaging through the BCCCP. This story
shows how important it is for organizations to work together to make the most of the resources they have while
serving as many women as possible. It also demonstrates the importance of navigators who can take the time to
identify resources that may lie outside of their own organization. A happy fact is that with the Medicaid expansion,
Tammy will soon qualify for Medicaid and be eligible for health insurance coverage. Our navigators will help her with
that as well.

West Virginia Health Right demonstrates why annual exams are so important.
Lisa, a 41 year old African American, came in for her annual exam on December 06, 2013. During her CBE exam, the
provider found a lump in her right breast. She was immediately scheduled for a mammogram the next day; the results
were abnormal and she has been scheduled for a biopsy on 01/06/2014. Lisa is a prime example of the critical need
for regular exams; her mother and her mother's sister were both diagnosed with cancer at an early age. We are
awaiting biopsy outcomes but Lisa feels blessed that her situation was caught early.