An Event With (MIA) Mammograms in Action and YWCA of Malden

YWCA Malden was invited to this event to have an information table set up to speak with the participants in Barbells for Boobs about the impact it's making in the community from the funds raised by The Pink Bra Tour.

Joanne spoke about YWCA Malden's Encoreplus Program and also her journey as a Breast Cancer Survivor.

We were able to talk to many of the Barbell participants and tell them about our encounters with the women we serve and share success stories about how this program that has been in existence for 20 years in 2014 has made such a life saving impact on the people we serve. In addition to hearing their journey about Breast Cancer that had impacted their lives. The people were very appreciative about the work we do. They loved hearing about our approach about meeting the barriers (transportation, Childcare, interpreters, etc) these women faced to get them in for screening.

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  • Peer/Outreach Coordinator Emilse Franco, Mammograms In Action Program Director Robyn Bennett, and Specialist For Women's Programs, Joanne Stroud-Lebeau from YWCA Malden.
  • MIA Mobile unit
  • MIA Mobile unit
  • The Founder of MIA, Zionna Munoz and YWCA Malden Specialist For Women's Programs, Joanne Stroud-Lebeau

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