Research Updates

As noted in earlier newsletters, we have begun reviewing some of the research funded by the Avon Foundation in order to create short, simplified overviews. In this newsletter we are looking at disparities and their impact on Breast Health.

One Avon-funded study is researching the environments in which African-American and White women live, and how their living conditions impact access to care and their breast cancer survival rate.

A second study is looking at the prognostic factors in ER+N breast cancer in African-American women, as compared to White women. The study hypothesizes that treatment differences, compliance and treatment effectiveness are only partly responsible for disparities in outcomes. Disparities may be more attributable to selection bias in testing.

Avon Foundation's Access to Care

The Avon Foundation for Women's mission is to provide access to breast healthcare for those in need today and to fund research to find the causes and learn how to prevent breast cancer. Read More