Committed to the Cause: Avon Foundation Joins Forces With Advocacy Groups to Launch New Alliance

Metastatic breast cancer causes nearly 40,000 deaths each year and nearly 155,000 women and men are living with metastatic breast cancer. Did you know that up to 30% of early stage cancer patients will have recurrences, often many years after being diagnosed?  When breast cancer comes back, it can spread to the bones, liver, lungs, and even to the brain. While treatments can't offer a cure, they can prolong lifeā€”but not in all patients.  That is why 12 leading cancer charities and advocacy organizations have joined forces to form the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, with the vision to transform and improve the lives of women and men living with metastatic breast cancer.

The Alliance aims to increase awareness and education about metastatic breast cancer and advance research and policy - specifically focused on metastasis - that has the potential to extend life, enhance quality of life and ultimately find a cure. The Alliance is being formed for the estimated 155,000 women and men who are living with metastatic breast cancer today, and for whom treatment never ends. Their hope for longer lives lies with research.

Key Facts

  • An estimated 155,000 Americans, young and old, females and males, are living with metastatic breast cancer. We cannot cure MBC at this time and treatment is life-long, with patients switching from one drug to the next after each fails to control the cancer
  • October 13th is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day
  • Among people diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, 20-30% will go on to develop recurrent, metastatic disease
  • Metastatic (Stage IV) breast cancer is the initial diagnosis for about 6-10% of all new cases each year
  • There are different types of metastatic breast cancer, just like there are different types of early cancers

About the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance

( http://www.MBCalliance.org/) is being formed by twelve cancer charities and advocacy groups. The Alliance is being funded in part by Celgene, Genentech and Pfizer.   Founding member organizations include the AdvancedBC.org, Avon Foundation for Women, CancerCare, Cancer Support Community, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Metastatic Breast Cancer Network, Research Advocacy Network, SHARE, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation and Young Survival Coalition.



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