Agencies In Action

Below you'll find quotes from some of our grantees on ways that they are implementing the information from our monthly webinars into programs.

"Yes, we participated in two webinars during the past quarter. We participated in the July 30th webinar on Innovative Media Strategies Using Social Media as well as the September 25th webinar on Organizing Effective Fundraising. We found the Organizing Effective Fundraising especially helpful. We are now in the process of organizing a garden tour for next summer. The information we received from the webinar will be beneficial in assisting us with this process." – North Country HealthCare, AZ

"We participated in Innovative Advertising and Social Media Strategies (July 30, 2012). This was a very helpful webinar as we are considering a Facebook page for the Montana Cancer Screening Program. The information provided will prove valuable when presenting the initiative for approval. The facts and figures were overwhelming; the potential to reach the community is endless with social networking. I was also curious about Pinterest, I had not heard of this social media site but am optimistic about its growth and potential. Being in Montana, our population is spread out over a large area; social networking will be a great way to reach those who live in outlying areas." - Partnership Health Center, Montana Cancer Screening Program, MT

"One of the webinars concentrated on involving the media in events scheduled by the agency. Thanks to that webinar, we invited Monica Navarro from Univision Channel 41 (Spanish Channel) to interview ENCOREplus. She accepted the invitation and she also interviewed a cancer survivor." - YWCA San Antonio, TX

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