Inspiring Initiatives: Partnership Supporting Survivors Thrives

By Luana DeAngelis, Founder & President

Founded by a natural health professional and young breast cancer survivor, You Can Thrive! is the only foundation directly effecting the whole person after diagnosis with free access to patient navigation, integrative care and personalized survivorship plans under one roof.

With support from Avon Foundation for Women, to alleviate suffering and improve outcomes we: Reduce symptoms associated with cancer and it's treatments with affordable, proven effective non-toxic health services like acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, reiki, massage, tapping and so many others. We also work to aid in better outcomes and in prevention by incorporating personalized nutritional counseling, educational and informative seminars, exercise, meditation and lifestyle support, pet therapy, peer support and patient advocacy/navigation. By first reducing symptoms, and educating on environment and prevention, we give survivors the tools to go "from surviving to thriving".

Through partnerships and support from the Avon Foundation and with the help of benefactors in the community, this foundation is committed to addressing emotional, physical and spiritual health of survivors like never before. This new movement in survivorship provides tools which can alleviate unnecessary pain, disability, and distress that often accompanies a diagnosis of cancer, and resurfaces after treatment or during extended living with disease. Call You Can Thrive! for more information. Our patient navigation program and phone lines are open 8am-9pm 7 days a week. 917.463.4267 or info@youcanthrive.org