Advertising our Services, & Connecting with our Clients

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By Megan Davies, April 2012

We have found that using real people from Whitman-Walker Health (WW) really connect us with the clients were serve in Washington Dc. In support of that strategy, I was Whitman-Walker Health's 'spokesperson' for a bus ad promoting our Breast Health Initiative program. To be honest, I was actually a little uncomfortable with the idea of my photo being on a bus, but I have really seen how this really makes the clients get excited and feel that they know the people working on the project! When they see the ad, call the phone number, and then eventually meet with me they are often very surprised and comforted to find that I am the same person on the ad.

Clients have reported that they are excited to be working with an organization that puts itself out into the community the way we do. Also, I have had many clients tell me that they have had days when they are riding the bus after a long and difficult time or experience and look up and there I am. They say this puts a smile on their face and helps change their feels and attitude for the rest of the day. It is small but it really makes the clients feel connected to WWH. I am very proud of the work we are all doing in the Breast Health Initiative.