Signed, Sealed & Delivered; Where do your Client Intake Forms Go?


By Tasha Whaley, June 2012

As a Data Entry Clerk for the Avon BHOP, I collect, log, scan and verify all the CIF's submitted by BHOP Grantees (124 grantees). Each month begins with stacks of submitted CIFs by agency piled high on my desk and sometimes even on the chair next to me! Everyone knows I receive a lot of mail and jokingly a co-worker who delivers the mail will send a heavy load down with someone else or she will sneak more packages onto my desk during the day because she knows otherwise I will joke and tell her to take the heavy loads back!

Once the mail is in, I begin the first step to processing; logging. But first I make sure to recycle all of the mailed envelops. When an agency's package of CIFs is received, I date and log it. If any of the 124 grantees are missing their monthly CIFs, this is when we find out and I notify Dianne and she then notifies their Project Officer. While they reach out to any grantees that did not submit I move on to step number two; scanning. Before I put each form (roughly 11,000 per month) through our scanner I update the log list with the language the form is in and the agency ID on the form. Scanning is one of the best parts to this process and I really like it – each form goes smoothly into the scanning machine and directly into our customized database system for verification. The database system verifies, or checks each question on each CIF scanned to make sure that all of the answers are captured correctly. This is when the hard work comes in because sometimes the CIFs are not copied correctly, for example some of the boxes on the form (the 4 black boxes in each corner) are cut-off on the copied form submitted, or the handwriting on the form can't be read by the system. If this happens, I have to verify and renter all of the answers as they should be that the system could not read. This is a long process and so often I put on my headphones. Sometimes I am lucky and Dianne and another co-worker have some time to help me, and then we really get busy verifying!

Once all of the forms are scanned and verified and are safely in our database, I inform the BHOP team and before I know it the process starts all over again when the next month's submissions start piling on my desk- yes, this entire process can take a month! But I really enjoy what I do and look forward to continuing to do it.