Center For MultiCultural Health

Breast and Cervical Health Program Community-based outreach, education and screening referrals for African American women and women of African descent. CMCH serves as one of six community outreach and education providers for the King County Breast, Cervical and Colon Health Program, a breast and cervical cancer early detection program eligible people that is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Washington State Department of Health and Public Health-Seattle & King County. CMCH conducts breast and cervical health outreach and education, provides patient navigation and makes referrals for screening mammography and clinical breast examinations for eligible African American and women of African descent age 40 and over.

Eudora Carter - Project Coordinator
1120 E. Terrace St. , Suite 200, Seattle, WA    98122
206-461-6910 x218
eudora.carter@cschc.org; www.multi-culturalhealth.org 


YWCA of Seattle*King County*Snohomish County

Women's Health Outreach (WHO) provides peer outreach, culturally-sensitive breast health education, no-cost mammograms and additional health services to a diverse community of women with limited incomes who are medically underserved, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. The program offers no-cost mammograms, pap tests and breast exams for uninsured, income eligible individuals 40 and over. Outreach, education and navigation efforts focus on women from African American, African born, Latina, LBTQ and new immigrant communities.   

Ingrid Berkhout- Program Manager
1118 Fifth Ave, Seattle WA 98101
iberkhout@ywcaworks.org; www.ywcaworks.org