Alliance Community Services

Alliance Community Services (ACS), a unique 501 c 3 non-profit organization founded in 2002, has implemented numerous programs that have benefited underserved Hispanic individuals in Utah. The mission of ACS is to improve the well-being of Hispanics and underserved individuals by making social and prevention health services accessible to them. The Latina Breast Health Navigation Program is unique in several ways. First, the program addresses needs across the continuum from education, screening to cancer detection to supportive care for long-term survivors. Second, the program reaches women from the diverse subcultures of the Hispanic population who live in Utah, including women whose origin is from Mexico as well as most Central and South American countries.

Jorge Arce-Larreta - CEO
5282 So. Commerce Dr. D232, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107
Jorge@alliance-community.org; www.alliance-community.org