Rhode Island

YWCA Rhode Island

YWCA Rhode Island's ENCOREplus┬« program conducts outreach, provides breast health education and navigates medically underserved women and men to breast cancer screening services and follow-up care as needed. In addition, the program assists clients in navigation the screening and treatment process who face unique barriers such as women who are homeless, members of the LGBT community, physically challenged, medically underserved, over the age of 65 or live in rural communities. Our multilingual outreach staff enables us to provide information in English, Spanish. Portuguese, French and Creole. Recognizing that socioeconomic status is strongly linked to an increase risk of delayed diagnosis of breast cancer, treatment and mortality - ENCOREplus┬« uses evidence-based strategies to increase the utilization of breast cancer screenings and maintains contact with each woman recruited to ensure follow-through.  

Lisa Piscatelli - Director of Communications
514 Blackstone St., Woonsocket, RI    02895-1802
lisa@ywcari.org; www.ywcanri.org