Latino Community Development Agency Inc.

Clínica de la Mujer Latina, is an evidence-based community outreach program that offers breast and cervical cancer education, screening, referrals and comprehensive patient navigation to Hispanic women in Central Oklahoma. Clínica De La Mujer Latina's mission is to improve the health of Hispanic women in the Oklahoma City metro area by facilitating access to quality health and social services specifically early detection and treatment of breast and cervical cancer. 

Dr. Yuliana Reyes  - Director of Health Programs 
420 SW 10th. Oklahoma City, OK 73109
y.reyes@latinoagencyokc.org; www.latinoqgencyokc.org



Central Oklahoma American Indian Health Council 

The Central Oklahoma American Indian Health Council Inc. (COAIHC) dba Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC) is medical home to more than 19,000 American Indians in central Oklahoma, providing culturally sensitive health and wellness services from talented and devoted providers. With a vision “to be the national model for American Indian healthcare,” OKCIC is a unique organization serving American Indians from any federally recognized tribe. OKCIC provides quality health care services through the entire life cycle, using evidence-based practices.  

Robyn Sunday - Allen, RN MPH - Chief Executive Officer 
4913 W. Reno Avenue,Oklahoma City, OK 73127
405-948-4900 x 240