Lifecare Alliance - Columbus 

LifeCare Alliance's Columbus Cancer Clinic "Yes Mamm!" program serves women in central Ohio who are age 40 or older, or under the age of 40 with a family history of breast cancer. The program targets minority, low-income, and under/uninsured women, and stands apart from similar community programs in its ability to eliminate the unique and varied barriers to breast health education and services faced by at-risk women. There is a need in central Ohio for these services specifically, as the community experiences low rates of mammograms and CBEs among its most at-risk, such as African American and Latina women, and African American women are dying from breast cancer at a 33% higher rate than white women in central Ohio.

Christin Brown - Director 
1699 West Mound Street, Columbus, OH 43223



YWCA of Northwest Ohio/Toledo

ENCOREplus: A breast education and awareness program committed to educating women in the community (focusing on the uninsured) on the importance of early detection and awareness, offering educational sessions in the community, linking women to low/no cost mammography, providing transportation and seeking to remove barriers which prevent women from receiving mammogram services and supports. Case management is provided to those who have abnormal or a history of breast cancer. A program committed to overall breast health.

Winda Birt - Healthy Connections Director
1018 Jefferson Ave., Toledo, OH 43604
419-241-3235 x225
healthconnect@ywcatoledo.org; badams@ywcatoledo.org